Although we are a well reputed in the area, our students are far away from us. The talent we cultivate gets the importance of molding their characters with education. It helps to better serve both each other and our partners and it shows from everything from what we produce and present to what we value and believe.
We are a team to achieve a common goal.
Just over few years I became fascinated by the idea of launching my educational activities with Students Island wide and internationally.


I will be creative force for technology integration by example and demonstration, enable teachers to be more and do more than they ever thought they could. I will positively contribute to all, as I am a part of, learning, growing and reflecting while sharing my experiences and fostering education, growth and reflection of part of others. I will commit to work with all teachers, tech embracing and hesitant, forcing on the benefits and enhancements that technology brings to education. I will not force tech upon anyone who isn’t ready, but I will always be ready and willing to help any who ask.


Technology in an inseparable part of education today. I will be an exemplar of technology integration, utilizing new and innovative means of collaboration, content creation and visible learning. I and my teachers strive to create and produce an educated, digital citizen with valuable morals.

Upul Moragodaarachchi

B.A ( Hons ) ,M.A (Socio) , University Of Kelaniya Managing Director

+94 718 375 976

I am Upul Moragodaarachchi, a founder of planting the seed of Nanasara in Sri Lanka. Before my higher education in University of Kelaniya in the year 2000 begins, 1997 after ALs I began teaching as a tutor. Since then with my progression, I spent my whole life for archiving expected goal today. Finishing my degree, Bachelor of Arts, I began my professional carrier as a teacher in government school, meanwhile I got through my master degree in university of Kelaniya in 2008. As I am an educational achiever, I began my third degree, Master of Mass Communication in the same University in 2020.

When I begin my Nanasara College, many teachers and well-wishers wished the success and progression of collage heartily. The proudness is the memory is still prevailed in us and Nanasara.